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About us

Get to know our company

A brief history of Visions 2 Reality Construction

Visions 2 Reality Construction was formed in the summer of 2017 by Donatas Petrovas and Kevin Charles. Donatas had previously been the Company Director of Kingstone Construction, which had been operating since 2004 and Kevin Charles had previously been a manager working in the corporate world, including FTSE 100 Companies.

Donatas and Kevin had been friends for many years prior to forming Visions 2 Reality Construction and the idea came about after Donatas had asked Kevin if he would like to form a business partnership, knowing that both of their unique skillsets would gel effectively to ensure the needs of the customers, staff and business were at the forefront of company decisions.

In this short period, Visions 2 Reality Construction has managed to secure many private and commercial contracts, varying in complexity and size and forecasts that this growth will continue in 2018 and beyond.


The name Visions 2 Reality Construction came about one evening at Donatas’s and Kevin’s local pub where the two brain-stormed and short-listed potential names for the company. Kevin devised the name Visions 2 Reality Construction and the pair fell in love with the name instantly.

The name itself embodies what the company stands for, which is to turn your visions or ideas, whether it be a bathroom or commercial lounge into a tangible reality. The “2” in the name simply reflects the two Company Directors. If in time more directors are appointed, then who know what the “2” will stand for.

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